The Royal Oak Neighbourhood
Shopping Centre

A Profit Participating Syndicated Mortgage Investment Opportunity

Experience and commitment are essential to developing successful award winning real estate. Joe Fras, Michael Permack, Jeff Sklar, Les Hartland and Bob McCormick bring years of experience to the development of the Royal Oak project.

Profitable real estate development is the skillful management of numerous variables and the five principals of the Royal Oak retail center development are the people who will provide this management. From site selection, design, leasing, financing and the eventual sale of the project, mortgage investors can know they are associated with a reputable and successful development team.

  • Property Address: 500 Royal Ridge Drive NW
  • Project: A retail centre of approx. 30,000 sq. ft.
  • Term of mortgage: Up to 30 months
  • Interest Rate: 5% per annum paid quarterly
  • Profit Participation: 33% of the profit earned from the sale of the project will go to the syndicated mortgage investors.

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Contact Information:
Royal Oak Neighbourhood Shopping Centre
220, 701 14th Street NW
Calgary, Alberta
T2N 2A4
Telephone 403 270 3971
Fax 403 270 0439

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